Angular Web Development in 2 Hours [Video]

Angular Web Development in 2 Hours

Angular Web Development in 2 Hours [Video]

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Angular Web Development in 2 Hours [Video]: Build performance-efficient reactive web apps with robust and easy-to-maintain code using Angular 7

Hands-On Web Development with Angular 7 gets you straight into building Angular applications. This course is 100% focused on using Angular 7 to build real-world apps. Rather than teaching you the framework bit-by-bit, it takes you through the task of building applications from start to finish. You’ll build the frontend, create services and components, and deploy your app to the cloud. It covers the latest and most established features of Angular, and shows you how to put them all to work in your application development. If you want an Angular course that focuses on the practical task of building Angular applications, from start to finish, this is the one for you.

What You Will Learn

  • Create practical applications with Angular 7 and write robust, easy-to-maintain code
  • Use Modules in Angular to create your application
  • Communicate with the backend Rest API to retrieve your data
  • Discover Angular’s application architecture
  • Route your application from one view to another as you perform application tasks
  • Make your app ready for hosting on Azure and learn what to keep in mind before you host your app

In this course, we’ll build a new application from scratch with Angular, Angular Material , and then deploy our application to a cloud (Netlify). This is a complete course, with hands-on instructions from start to finish.


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