Building RESTful APIs with Go [Video]

Building RESTful APIs with Go

Building RESTful APIs with Go [Video]

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Building RESTful APIs with Go [Video]: Create and troubleshoot robust and secure RESTful APIs with Go, Echo, and JWE

REST is an architectural style that tackles the challenges of building scalable web services. APIs provide the fabric through which systems interact, and REST has become synonymous with APIs. The depth, breadth, and ease of use of Go, make it a breeze for developers to work with it to build robust Web APIs. This course will teach you to build a RESTful web server. You will learn to add routing and handle requests, thus making your APIs more RESTful. Later, by testing and profiling your code you will ensure it runs correctly and behaves well at scale. Moving on with security, you will learn to log requests and outcomes of API calls and speed up performance using the Echo framework. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge you need to start building your own enterprise-grade RESTful web services that are production-ready, secure, scalable, and reliable.

What You Will Learn

  • Build and test robust RESTful APIs using Go
  • Integrate modern databases with your web services
  • Secure access to your API with auth and traffic with JSON web encryption
  • Test and profile your code
  • Track the proper execution of your code with logs
  • Creating a client library for your API that other developers can consume
  • Select and use modern API frameworks such as Echo

With this course you will go more deeply into concepts such as HTTP services, reactive Forms, unit testing, and animations and finally deploy your application with Firebase.


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