Hands-On Microservices with TypeScript 3 [Video]

Hands-On Microservices with TypeScript 3

Hands-On Microservices with TypeScript 3 [Video]

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Hands-On Microservices with TypeScript 3 [Video]: Build, deploy, and secure microservices using TypeScript combined with Node.js

If you want to make effective and scalable applications with microservices, this course will be perfect for you!

Building a real-world solution with the microservice architecture takes more than is initially apparent. It requires reasoning about building blocks, designing easily accessible APIs, knowing how to be secure by design, and building automated testing coverage from day one. This course will guide you through the steps of building an enterprise-grade solution by utilizing one of the most natural technology choices for this type of application: Node.js and Typescript.

What You Will Learn

  • Start by building your first service
  • Learn to add a UI service that can run services together
  • Master the basic architectural design of microservice systems with security
  • Get introduced to the backend service
  • Learn to how to select your database and to add data layer code with best practices
  • Manage complexities such as Dockerization, service discovery, and central configuration with microservices
  • Before going to production, learn to perform stress testing and security checks

Finally, you’ll build the My-Music app where you’ll create your own playlist from an existing song library.


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