Learning C# 8 and .NET Core 3.0 [Video]

Learning C# 8 and .NET Core 3.0

Learning C# 8 and .NET Core 3.0 [Video]

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Learning C# 8 and .NET Core 3.0 [Video]: Get to know the basics of development using the new features in C# 8 along with implementation using .NET Core 3

C# is one of the easiest yet most powerful high-level programming languages, making it perfect for business and also educational purposes. Knowing C# means actually discovering the .NET world through .NET specific software or cross-platform software using .NET Core, or even extending your opportunities by developing cross-platform mobile application.

This course will start by preparing everything you need to develop using C#. You will experience the important features of C# as an object-oriented programing language. Also, along the way, you will experience the brilliance of Visual Studio as an IDE, which makes it one of the best IDEs to work with. The course will show you how debugging works for Visual Studio, the new features in .NET core, and how to run your application and have releasable version of it.

What You Will Learn

  • Write code using C# and Visual Studio
  • Work with the datatypes, logic, and algorithms used for programming
  • Use the new features in .NET Core 3 to enhance your apps
  • Implement the power of object-oriented programming for your applications
  • Build an application using .NET Core 3

A complete guide to help you get started with C# programming and .NET Core, taking a practical and step-by-step approach to develop as you learn and build an application using .NET Core.

By the end of the course, you will have command over the C# programming language. And you’ll be able to develop your own application using .NET Core.


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