Real World Node.js Projects [Video]

Real World Node.js Projects

Real World Node.js Projects [Video]

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Real World Node.js Projects [Video]: A practical guide to building high-performance server-side applications with Node.js and the essentials of MERN Stack

Node.js is a performance-efficient server-side platform which makes writing backend code simple and fun. Since it is written in JavaScript, it is the perfect tool for full-stack development because it allows you to have your entire codebase in one language.

In this course, you will learn a broad range of skills to build high-performance real-world applications with MERN Stack. You will start by developing a voting application, focusing on server-side tasks with Node.js and Express and then communicating from the server-side to the client with EJS. Then you will learn about WebSockets and real-time communication, which will lead on to developing a full-stack messaging application. Next, you will discover microservices and cloud storage with AWS and upload assets, such as images, video files, documents, and more.

What You Will Learn

  • Broaden your Node.js knowledge with a diverse set of skills by building real-world projects
  • Interact with the file system with Node.js
  • Communicate from a server to the client with EJS
  • Use the four common HTTP requests
  • Upload images, video files, and documents on-cloud storage using AWS Microservice S3
  • Work with WebSockets and to create a messaging application
  • Master object-oriented JavaScript with Node.js and React
  • Create an interactive client-side user interface

Moving on, you will create a Node.js API and interact with it using the very popular library, React. Ultimately, this will lead to your creating a full-stack shopping application and connecting it to the backend API using the MERN stack. By the end of the course, you will have adapted to using a broad range of Node.js skills and JavaScript technologies to create highly performant, full-stack applications.

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