WireMock for Java Developers [Video]

WireMock for Java Developers

WireMock for Java Developers [Video]

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WireMock for Java Developers [Video]: Learn to effectively integrate and build RESTful API clients into Java and Spring Boot applications using WireMock

WireMock is a simulator for HTTP-based APIs or MockServer. REST APIs are everywhere today as they’re the modern and easiest way to build functionality and expose them to the real world. When it comes to writing unit test cases that involve REST-based interactions, there is always a challenge in testing error responses, network faults, latency, and timeouts. WireMock will solve the problem of application code that depends on an external service by mocking the actual service.

  • Complete knowledge of how to build resilient RESTful API clients
  • Write automated tests which involve RESTful API clients using JUnit
  • Using WireMock as a powerful tool to simulate HTTP interactions
  • Mock an external service using WireMock
  • Build a robust REST client by simulating network errors, network latency
  • Learn to mock a RESTful Service
  • Learn to write unit tests that involve RESTful API interactions

In the microservices architecture, It is pretty common for services to depend on one another and it’s always a challenge to write test cases for code that depends on other external services. WireMock provides the necessary tools to simulate an external service so that code that depends on the external service can be tested; this helps to build a robust REST client.

This course covers the following techniques using WireMock:

  • Service virtualization
  • Simulating an external service
  • Simulating latency
  • Simulating error responses
  • Simulating network errors

Learn to integrate the most powerful HTTP Mock library, WireMock, into your applications to build a resilient and robust REST API client.

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